Easter Gift ideas

Easter Gift ideas – Pasticceria Vincenzo Bellavia

Find out gift packs of Pasticceria Vincenzo Bellavia.

If you make and online order, we can ship your Colombas and Pastieras all over Italy:

Colombas (all verisons)

Pastiera 1kg

Pastiera 1,5kg

Pastiera 2kg

You can make an online order in this way:

A great classic of the Easter holidays is the Colomba, available in other versions.

The Pastiera is one of the most famous and well-loved of traditional Neapolitan sweets, formerly a typical Easter dish. A sublime expression of flavour, fragrance and lightness, in an elegant packaging for shipping.


You can also choose one of our Artistic Easter Eggs Vincenzo Bellavia, made from exquisite pure chocolate, in many delightful versions.

See Easter Eggs details



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